Monday, December 1, 2008

Scents and pricing information

You will not find better prices anywhere! Prices are $3.00 per bar or 4 bars for $10.00 Guest soaps are 2 for $3.00.
Shipping for 4 bars is $5.00. All soaps are handmade by me! They are unique and none are exactly alike. I enjoy soap and hope you do too!
To order or with a question, simply e-mail me at with the specifics. I am on paypal and I am a long time seller on E-bay so you can trust me!

Here is a partial list of scents to choose from!

I have scents: Verbena sage, Cinnamon bun, Cinnamon-rose, Rose petal, Green Tea (floral) Lilac, Cider, Ginger lime and Coconut lime. I will get more scents if anyone wants anything special.

I also have:
Cookies for Santa: A sumptuous, rich, buttery cookie. Rich notes of creamy butter, caramel and a hint of honey meld to a light powder and vanilla at the base.

Jamaican me crazy: An olfactory explosion of lemon and grapefruit upon introduction to this fragrance, sweet summer berries blend their way into the middle and bottom and it finishes off with a slight hints of coconut and sweet orange.

Soothing Chamomile: A calming blend of flowers and herbs. Lilac and lavender reach into the heart of rose and chamomile. Powdery musk with a hint of spice conclude the fragrance.

Apple Jack and Orange Peel: A zesty combination of fragrant green apple and zesty orange peel. Top notes of fresh peach, crisp green apple and juicy orange. Mid notes of soft lavender and classic rose. Subtle powder notes combined with cinnamon and clove at the base of the fragrance.

Holiday Crunch: A delicious citrus and spicy holiday fragrance. Juicy fresh orange top notes mingle with lily of the valley floral nuances. At the heart of the fragrance you'll experience cinnamon and warm clove. Extravagant rich base notes of amber, vanilla, powder and oak moss complete this what will be a holiday favorite!

Warm Vanilla Sugar: The mixture of delicious rich, warm, creamy vanilla, kissed with sugar. Top notes of lily of the valley, meet a soft jasmine at the heart. The fragrance is completed with a sumptuous base of coconut, powder, vanilla and musk.

Cinnamon and Pumpkin: A blend of these two favorite scents.

Lemon:Zesty and cheerful, smells like fresh picked lemons.

Sweet Alyssum: Smells fresh and sweet like the flower it is named for. A pretty light floral.

Carnation: Spicy and fragrant

Oriental Dragon: Exotic and mysterious with Musk, and other scents blended to create an exotic scent

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soaps and more

Christmas Holiday Styles! Can do many colors and scents! Joy is in Goatsmilk with sparkles! Snowmen are in Glycerin.





Fairy and Chinese characters!


Sweet Peas and Dragonflies!


Chinese characters
Friend, Wealth, Dream